Scottish International Open - Wednesday 9th November

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Twice Scottish International Open Champion Paul Foster MBE looked comfortable in the opening set of his second round game against Blackpools Mark Dawes. Foster was in form from the start and was merciless in set one and won it 10.4 after just eight ends.

Dawes rallied in set two and took a 4.2 lead after four ends but Foster was relentless in set two as well, asking Dawes all sort of questions and forcing him into shot play. But Dawes dug deep and started to tie ends together he took a 7.2 lead after six ends. Another end to Dawes and 9.2 to the Lancashire Lad. Dawes fought hard and came away with a 11.2 second set score line.

Tie break. Foster again put Dawes under pressure at the first end. Dawes tried to play the perfect bowl gets a result but loses the end on a measure. End one Foster. End two Dawes draws in close, Foster tried to run jack through only to see it go close to another of Dawes's bowls. One end each. Final end and it was the third bowl of Foster that drew shot. Dawes plays a runner and nicks Fosters out of the head. Foster draws the perfect shot again. Dawes runs at the head but misses and Foster fist punches the air in delight.

This mornings game at the Scottish International Open pitted Andy Thomson MBE against Stewart Anderson. Last year the two players played here in the quarter finals and it was Anderson that took the plaudits then and moved into the semi finals.

Some great bowls from both players in the first set. Anderson drawing immaculately and Thomson matching him, it was a fortunate bowl from Thomson at the fourth end that gave him a one shot advantage in the set. He then ran ahead into a 6.2 lead and was holding a very close two shots at end seven only to see Anderson draw the perfect bowl with his last to keep his first set hopes alive. Another shot at end eight for Anderson and he was only two behind playing the last end. Fabulous bowling by both players, Anderson holding the shots he needed at one point before Thomson took the jack away for a one shot count and to take the first set 7.4.

End after end the two players battled it out in set two and after end six Thomson held a 5.2 lead. Anderson battled on picking up two ones to take us into the final end with Thomson 5.4 up. An outstanding last bowl of Anderson's got him four shots and the second set. Tie break time.

The two players battled again. Hit for hit throughout the tie break. Thomson taking the first end but Anderson the second. The final end Anderson drew close and Thomson beat it. Anderson elected to Kill the end but missed. Thomson covered and when the dust settled it was Thomson the World no 8 who takes the place in the quarter finals tomorrow.

The start of game two of the day, between Alex Marshall MBE and Jamie Chestney, looked like it was going to be a one sided affair all the way. Marshall taking a commanding lead at 6.0. But Chestney stuck and forst Marshall into playing some big bowls to take the set 10.6.

Set two and Chestney took the first end. Marshall followed with two consecutive counts of one then Chestney followed with a two. Chestney leads 3.2. At the next end Chestney led a good bowl and Marshall drove, with his first bowl, the jack into the ditch, then drew a superb bowl to the edge of the ditch to score the end. The set all square again. Chestney then came up with his best end yet to score and three and all of a sudden the tide seemend to have changed the score 6.3 Chestney with three ends to play. Marshall, having none of that, played an outstanding runner at the next end, facing shots against him, to pick up two shots and the set is close again. End eight and Marshall, only one shot behind on the set score, picked up one shot and it was all square playing the last end. A good game of bowls to witness. But It was Marshall who took his place in the quarterfinals for tommorow 10.6 8.6.

World No 1 Nick Brett featured in the last game of the day here at the Dewars Centre in Perth. Up against fellow Englishman Les Gillett, Brett was on outstanding form in the first few ends of the first set picking up two threes at the first two ends. After end four Brett was 7.1 ahead on the score card. A loose end from Brett and Gillett picked up four shots at end five to keep himself firmly in the set at 5.7 to Brett. At end eight Gillett was one shot against and played just over to the weight and trailed the jack to score a three and take a one shot lead going into the final end of set one 9.8. Brett played a runner in end nine to open the head up but failed to capitalize on that and Gillett  after being so far behind wins the first set 10.8.

The opening ends were close in the second set and the scores tied at 2.2. Fortune saw Gillett hold shot at end five with Brett one bowl left, Brett played one of his trade mark runners and managed to pick up one shot. End for end the World No1 hung into the game and going onto end nine of the second set Brett led 5.3. Could we see the third tie break of the day? Some incredible bowls by Les Gillett gave him a chance of the two and it all came down to a measure. Gillet picks up a one shot and Brett takes the set 5.4.

Tie break time. The first end Gillett held shot with Brett one bowl left to deliver, Brett draws in and its a measure. First end Nick Brett the World No1 left it to his last bowl and had confidence in his draw. Brett draws his first bowl in close then plays bowls for cover leaving Gillett to try and hit the bowl and jack centre rink. Gilletts last bowl misses the target and World No 1 takes the place in the quarter finals tommorow. 

Today's games:

Stewart Anderson 4.7 8.5 1.2 Andy Thomson MBE

Alex Marshall MBE 10.6 8.6 Jamie Chestney

Paul Foster MBE 10.4 2.11 2.1 Mark Dawes

Les Gillett 10.8 4.5 0.2 Nick Brett

Andy T

Foster vs Dawes

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