What to expect on the day of the funeral

Knowing what to expect on the day of the funeral may help you feel more prepared, allowing you to focus on sharing memories with loved ones.

Our dedicated team will be on hand on the day to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of.

What happens at a cremation service

Funeral services don’t have to take place in a religious venue or crematorium. This is a guide as to what typically happens at a cremation.

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What happens at a burial service

Here is what to expect at a burial service, whether it be at your local place of worship, cemetery or a woodland burial ground.

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How to be a pallbearer

If you've been asked to help carry the coffin, the funeral director will be on hand to give practical help and guidance.

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What to say, wear and do at a funeral

If you're attending a funeral and you're unsure on what to say, do and wear, we're here to provide some guidance.

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Humanist and religious funerals

If you're going to a humanist or religious funeral, here's what you can expect on the day.

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